Anyone who knows me will tell you I love: the Arizona desert, playing games, long road trips, laughing with friends, and living a simple but creative lifestyle with my family.

While I have years of design experience, a multi-disciplined skill set, and an always-learning mindset, what makes me different is the way I approach the business of creativity.

Being the kind of person clients can rely on and making sure they shine is the most important thing to me. Collaborating with professionals of all sorts helps me gain perspective – engineers, mathematicians, educators, business leaders, developers – many can inform a great design process.

In the end, my career goal is to care for my family while doing the most good for my profession and clients alike.

Here are some of the creative services I offer:

> Art Direction

> Brand Identity Design

> Publication Design

> Game Design

> Graphic Design

> Illustration

> Iconography

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please feel free to submit your inquiry here or email ericsdesk(at)gmail.com.