World of Rynaga is a growing fictional universe rooted in art and storytelling.





Fictions, games, artifacts





All that daydreaming, doodling, and writing as a kid must have left a dent in my imagination. I started having ideas for a world called Rynaga when I was in my freshman year of high school. Little did I know this sci-fi/fantasy setting would become the greatest project I've worked on and would contribute to much of my success as a creative professional.

The Rynaga project took shape as a portfolio piece. My intent was to create a small picture book of featuring the characters, creatures, and places of this world. One thing led to the next and as I saw how much opportunity there was to create and publish the things I wanted, I expanded the project to include more pieces.

When I realized that this project could be shared with others through stories, game experiences, and art prints, I started a small creative studio called Specimen. Having the legalities taken care of, I opened an Etsy Shop and started offering my creations to people who have a love of original stories and imaginative experiences.

This project has been instrumental in furthering my career because it demonstrates my productivity and self-motivation. This shows potential clients and employers my level of initiative and my attention to all aspects of design, project management, and development.





Graduated art school with an Associates Degree in Visual Communication. It's at this point that I started gathering notes, sketches, and map ideas for what would later become World of Rynaga.



After five years of working full-time in the design field and using my nights and weekends to draw and write, I began working on two large portfolio projects – a tabletop game and a story/art book.



I released my first book set within the world of Rynaga – Prelude. It's the story of a famous explorer, his travels, and struggles. His tale is told through a series of postcard-like messages. The book is illustrated using only eight geometric shapes.



Iconica – Game of Strategy is released. Iconica features all sorts of colorful characters from Rynaga. Each character has its own actions and abilities. Players select three of their favorites and face off in a contest of strategy blended with a twist of chance. 



Our Etsy Shop is launched. With the support of my family, we've been able to maintain a five-star rating and serve customers all over the world. We make everything in small batches and seek to provide our supporters with not only well-made items, but a sense of discovery. All our creations are produced locally in Phoenix or in the U.S.



Sea Child, our second book set within the Rynaga universe is released. This narrative tells the story of a small boy who lives underwater and comes ashore for an epic adventure. The book is the first in a series called Collected Legends.



Iconica Travels is released. Building on the battle system in Iconica, Iconica Travels introduces players to more role-playing game elements, such as completing quests, interacting with the environment during their journey, and customizing their characters.



As of 2017, we've released a total of six Iconica card sets, for a total of 106 unique playable characters. All of the maps I've created as part of this project are available digitally. I have outlines for at least six more books, notes on five more maps, and plans for a book of lore called Rynagapedia.

The World of Rynaga started as a portfolio piece and became sandbox not only for me, but our supporters too. (Thank you!) As long as my heart is beating, I'll continue to find great enjoyment exploring this world!