Scarab Elixiri



I march northeast for five days. I encounter a group of buildings huddling alone in the desert. No sign of people. A sign on one of the structures reads Scarab Elixiri. The door is locked.

I activate my intangibility drive and step slowly through the door itself, like a ghost of Earth's fictions. I materialize on the other side of it.

The room is packed with shelves from the floor up. Each shelf holds bottles of all shapes and sizes. No two are alike, but each flask is engraved with information on the bottom.

1. Esper Carriage

Rich. Bittersweet. Four doses. Removes blisters on feet and hands. Side effects: None known.

2. Otham's Flare

Light. Spiced. Nine doses. Enables breath of fire. Side effects: Light burns, tongue swelling, tooth decay with prolonged use.

3. Red Love Tonic

Light. Sweet. Six doses. Intensifies feelings of affection and attraction. Side effects: Depression and spotted fever with prolonged use.

4. Agile Eye

Smooth. Bitter. Two doses. Increases range of sight in dark environments. Side effects: Itching ears, stomach ache, flakey skin.

5. Archaic Spore

Smooth. Acrid. Fifteen doses. Transforms green foliage into masyraga spores. Side effects: None known.

6. Phoenix Down

Light. Sweet and sour. One dose. Nullifies pain receptors for up to 12 hours. (Not to be used with other Phoenix draughts.) Side effects: Extreme fatigue after active effect, hot flashes, sweating

7. 314 Root Burst

Light. Salty. Nine doses. Radically increases growth of foliage during an eight hour period. Side effects: Itchy eyes, sneezing, allergic reactions may vary drastically.

8. Hymenoptera Acid

Rich. Exceptionally hot. Poisons bloodstream for up to eight hours. Side effects: Nerve pain, skin rash, fatigue, acidic perspiration, burning hands.

9. Scarab Nine

Smooth. Sweet. Transforms the skin into the metallic surface of a beetle's carapace. Coloring varies. Grants UV ray protection, radioactivity resistance, and heat resistance. Side effects: Increased sensitivity to cold.

10. Scarab Elixiri – Shop

Buildings are constructed of hewn stone. There are ten floors below the surface level. Captured data on 1,399 different elixirs. Documented the presence of 9,455 different bottles.

11. Scarab Elixiri – Distillery

Five separate floors exist below the surface structure, each with an open design. Apparatuses used in the production of these draughts vary in size, color, and form. Documented volumes of written texts, scrolls, posters, diagrams, and recipes. 

12. Scarab Elixiri – Lab

Explored all 264 rooms of the 22 subterranean levels which comprise this labyrinthne laboratory. Each floor has its own ventilation system and exit to the surface. Collected samples of 52 organic elements not known to Earth science.

In total, I spend 12 days exploring this facility. I store 136 semantic memory nodes of information on the site, broadcast the data to Earth, and continue on my journey.

Still no signs of humanoid life.