Laughing Dice Club connects tabletop gamers throughout Phoenix, AZ.



If you're anything like us, you look something like this when you think about tabletop games!

If you're anything like us, you look something like this when you think about tabletop games!

Laughing Dice Club is an open gaming group for tabletop gamers. This game group is founded and organized by two friends – Eric Torres and Kevin Vaughan. In addition to being avid tabletop gamers, they’re both involved with different aspects of game design and development. So, what’s the story behind our name?

Laughing – because we’re friendly and focus on having fun.

Dice – because who doesn’t love rolling dice and all the other activities that come with tabletop gaming?

Club – because we’re a band of like-minded folks who enjoy competition, teamwork, and social interaction.

Classic card games, new board games, and everything in-between is what we'll be playing. Participants are encouraged to bring a couple friends and a game they want to play. This way if games are already going, folks will have something to play as well.


Game Night

Laughing Dice Club holds a monthly event – Game Night at Changing Hands.

IMPORTANT: Dates and times are always subject to change due to special events at Changing Hands. See the Changing Hands (Phoenix) event calendar for details.

Changing Hands Bookstore Phoenix


Saturday, January 19 – 5pm to close

Saturday, February 16 – 5pm to close

Saturday, March 16 – 5pm to close

Saturday, April 20 – 5pm to close

Saturday, May 18 – 5pm to close

Saturday, June 22 – 5pm to close

Other dates to be announced



If you love tabletop gaming, it's likely you have or have had an idea for a game. To that end, we're working to create a group that helps foster and inspire indie game design here in Phx.

We'll be inviting game designers and developers to give talks on the subject of the gaming industry, the talents and skills they employ, and any other topics interesting to the gaming community.

This could include everything from the backstory of how a game was created all the way through to experiences with illustration, production, and distribution of the product.



Designing games requires lots of playtesting. From time-to-time participants will have the opportunity to playtest unreleased games and give feedback to the designer. We'll schedule these times in advance so people have enough time to plan their involvement.

There are so many other opportunities for events. Volunteering at cons, special game days, and more. Watch for updates on Instagram: @laughingdiceclub.


How to Join

At this time, there is no official “sign up” or application process. As the group grows and evolves this may change.

In the meantime, participants agree to these basic terms:

1)  Changing Hands Bookstore (Phoenix) graciously welcomes our group each month. Please be respectful of their property and the customers in the store!

2)  Be excellent to each other! Winning is great, but it's not everything. If you turn into a level 50 rage goblin when you don't win games OR you just take gaming too seriously, this is not the group you're looking for.

3)  While we welcome families, children's attention spans vary and not all games are age appropriate. We kindly ask that parents include their children in their own game groups. Thank you!

4)  No betting or gambling. (Save it for the casinos people.)

5)  Have fun!

If you agree to these basic terms, you're in! Grab your favorite games, a couple friends, and meet us for game night.

Kevin and Eric, Founders