Interdimensional Oversight Agency



After several days surveying the abandoned village, I enter the wilderness again.

Three days into my trek, I come across a scrap of fabric lying on the ground. I pick it up. A colorful patch clings to the remnant of cloth. I pull it away from the fabric and examine it.

1. IOA patch

The patch is in mint condition. Depictions include an eye, the head of a wolf, and the head of a bird. The letters "IOA" are prominent against a field of two stars and intersecting lines. The head of an insect appears below flanked by flames, a moon, and sun.

The words Protect, Know, and See sit above the word All. I turn the patch over. There are three creatures depicted. The words Interdimensional Oversight Agency are stitched in small letters at the bottom.

2. Raining Bird

A bird with ornate plumes. Its outstretched wing brings rain. I cannot read the glyphs which accompany these images.

3. Jeweled Arachnid

A spider-like creature with ten legs. Its abdomen is of a crystalline material.

4. Maned Wolf

A wolf. Long legged and tall with odd markings. A burst of energy emanates from its crown.

I stow away the patch and initiate an environmental scan with a thought. Words appear before my eyes. Enter parameters. I provide a range. 100 miles. A hum. An antenna emerges. Two minutes pass. A reading comes back overlaid with topography:

Heading = Northeast. Terrain = arid. Bodies of water = 0. Lifeforms = 0. OES (objects evading scan) = 0.

Conclusions? This group – the Interdimensional Oversight Agency – is an authority on this world.

Or was.