Iconica Travels is an RPG inspired add-on for the base Iconica game.





Iconica game expansion


Ongoing (Iconica Travels Rules v3)



Iconica Travels – The Hiveland Expedition is our first Iconica Travels game set. In Travels, players choose three characters and embark on a journey into the wild.

Iconica Travels expansions are made up of 111 cards in a deck. Each 3 x 5 card is designed to immerse the player in the game. The geometric art style of Iconica remains the same throughout Travels. Every card is playable in some way AND every card contains lore about Rynaga, contributing to the overall story. This is a huge difference between Iconica Travels and other card games.

Iconica Travels games are setup just like a typical Iconica match. The only difference is that at the beginning of each player's turn, a card is drawn from the top of the Travels deck. Every card drawn unpacks more of the adventure. Perils, treasures, and risky decisions emerge from the deck to challenge you during your journey.




Types of Cards

There are five main types of cards in Iconica Travels. Here's a quick outline of each one.

Supply – Gear, equipment, and provisions you'll use during your travels.

Encounter – Creatures, characters, and places you'll discover.

Tactic – Methods you'll use to survive in the wild.

Artifact – Powerful items you may acquire by chance.

Quest – Objectives you can complete to win the game.

How and when you choose to play certain cards contributes to the strategy of the game and creates all sorts of interesting combinations of play.


Winning Conditions

In Iconica Travels there are two ways to win:

1. Eliminate your opponents – You can win by eliminating all opposing characters. Perhaps your party will play the role of villains, thugs, or other aggressors. You may then choose your characters with the main goal of preventing your opponent from achieving quests.

2. Complete quests – You can win by completing the necessary quests in the game. Quests are different in each Iconica Travels game, however if you can achieve these goals victory is yours. Maybe you're out for riches, fame, and adventure. Just be ready to defend yourself out there!

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