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Since its release in 2008, Iconica has received critical praise from Wired, Penny Arcade, and several blogs and podcasts which review tabletop games. I'm the beating heart behind Iconica's creation, creating everything from new characters and art to the writing and design.

Iconica is a tabletop card game of strategy and tactical decision-making. Players select three characters and face off against another player's trio. The object of the game is to use your character's actions to defeat your opponent's characters. Game markers are used to track the loss or gain of health on health meters. Dice are used to determine available actions and the outcomes of some actions.

Each card in Iconica is unique, there are no duplicate or all-powerful characters in the game sets. This means that each card is an individual with its own set of abilities. In the end, every character is capable of greatness.




Prelude to an Epic

The story of widespread conflict on Rynaga is one of chance happenings. It begins with the unexpected arrival of the Sarion – a race of proud, star-faring humanoids.

By chance, these aliens crash land in a remote part of Etherna, a country of temperate climates and plentiful resources. Here the Sarion encounter radia, a planet-wide energy source which renders their advanced weapons and technologies useless. But something else happens.

Radia alters Sarion biochemistry itself. On Rynaga, Sarion children grow and mature much faster than on their former homeworld. In the shadow of their ruined starship, the Sarion adapt to their new home and build their first city, named after their fallen space vessel – Sol Luminus.

After many years of growth, Sarion explorers discover new lands. Veratar is the first new continent they colonize. Here they establish cities, towns, and outposts, some of which infringe upon existing native territories and sensitive ecosystems. This leads to conflicts with those who have called Rynaga home for eons of time.

In time, the Sarion adopt a policy of expansion, resource acquisition, and conquest known as the Legion Agenda. To counteract the Legion’s ambitions, several races form an alliance called the Protectorate.


Defenders of Sanctum

As Legion loyalists continue to settle new lands across Veratar, Protectorate leaders become increasingly concerned at the pace of Sarion expansion. But something happens which no one can foresee.

A movement to reject the ideals of the Legion takes root within Sarion society. Dissension leads thousands of once loyal citizens to denounce their government and all that it stands for. These rebels name themselves Saraja, which in the native languages of Rynaga translates to a people remade.

Seeking to live in harmony with others – Rynaga’s natives and fellow Sarion alike – the Saraja settle in a region of Veratar they call Sanctum. Here they form their own laws, governance, and a system of rule where strong male and female leaders can flourish.

The effects of this rebellion can not be overstated. Sarion expansion across Veratar comes to a halt. Supporters of the Legion withdraw from some of their settlements, leaving ghost towns and empty cities in their wake. Despite these destabilized zones, a general air of peace prevails.

But the rise of the Saraja also emboldens the Legion’s champions. Far away from Veratar in the kingdom of Etherna, a new Sarion ruler is chosen – the Pharax. With patience and cunning, the Pharax plots the downfall of those who would stand in the way of Sarion progress.


March of the Legion

When the Sarion crash land on Rynaga, their survival seems impossible. But over time, these colonists transform themselves into a thriving civilization. Now, the grand city of Sol Luminus serves as a monument to Sarion resourcefulness and strength.

Although the Sarion take great pride in their prosperity, their ultimate desire is to return to their homeworld. For decades they watch the skies for signs of space travelers. Then one day a historic discovery is made.

Evidence of intelligent life is found on the surface of Rynaga’s largest moon, Phaeton. Peering through their telescopes Sarion Star Mavens discover a towering structure in a region of dense foliage. This object closely resembles other spires found throughout Rynaga.

The Pharax, supreme ruler of the Sarion people, uses the moon spire discovery to inspire the Legion's supporters. Their research reveals that a race of advanced radia users is responsible for constructing these spires and may possesses an understanding of interplanetary travel.

Consequently, a plan is devised to secure this knowledge. After years of preparation, the Pharax launches an invasion of Veratar with the goal of capturing its seven spires and uncovering their ancient secrets. If the power to return the Sarion people to their homeworld exists, the time has come to find it.


A Future Unknown

For all of their innovation, power, and wealth, the Sarion are still aliens on a planet they do not fully understand. What will be the long-term effects of their radia experiments? Can anything halt Sarion expansion and dominance? Will the native races of Rynaga be able to resist the Legion?

Time will tell.


Iconica Character Listing


The colorful characters found in Iconica hail from across the many lands of Rynaga. Through Iconica, our characters come to life and offer their skills on your behalf in the context of a tabletop game, which incorporates chance with key decision-making. Each character has its own backstory, abilities, and strengths. Each character is capable of greatness and none should be underestimated.

There are seven archetypal classifications which Iconica characters fall into – Artisans, Intellectuals, Loyalists, Merchants, Contractors, Radians, and Vagabonds.

There are two main releases for Iconica characters – Core Series sets and Mini Series sets. Core Series releases include 22 characters and game pieces. Mini Series sets are card only expansions. We also have an Iconica Starter Set that we offer that's for two players only.

Some characters, such as X-Series, Exclusives, and Legends, are not for sale. Rather, they're given as gifts during special promotions online or in person. Here's a listing of all of the Iconica characters we've created, in the order they were released: 

Prelude to an Epic (Core Series 1, #1–22)

#1 – Featherune Sentinel
#2 – Karkalan Dreadnaut
#3 – Silentwood Hunter
#4 – Featherune Bowmaiden
#5 – Shadowhand Agent
#6 – Northern Rim Ranger
#7 – Kril Assassin
#8 – Araylian Pathfinder
#9 – Phaedran Sentinel
#10 – Vanmark Nightwatcher
#11 – Black Door Shrieve
#12 – Symetran Songsayer
#13 – Drakhan Raider
#14 – Thornholde Sentinel
#15 – Greystalk Vaygr Slayer
#16 – Karmethian Chemist
#17 – Blue Hollow Avenir
#18 – Vanessian Paragon
#19 – Lunaen Masquer
#20 – Ithilian Cipher
#21 – Hirojan Brew Master
#22 – Traveling Wildcard

Defenders of Sanctum (Core Series 2, #23–44)

#23 – Sanctum Haladron
#24 – Marconian Bard
#25 – Karmethian Nervapath
#26 – Sanctum Curic
#27 – Acasian Arc Warden
#28 – Tanglefern Dead Eye
#29 – Sanctum Glaive Knight
#30 – Pykonian Dark Trader
#31 – Farpoint Mercenary
#32 – Dragathan Aeronaut
#33 – Sanctum Ranger
#34 – Tanglefern Venomist
#35 – Karkalan Nightstalker
#36 – Sunhold Dawnbringer
#37 – Acasian Arc Adept
#38 – Varthan Radia Hunter
#39 – Sanctum Triceta
#40 – Algadoni Dune Runner
#41 – Sanctum Savant
#42 – Thorvald Anchor
#43 – Galaeon Spicer
#44 – Inkwater Mimic

#45 – Wandering Siryn (X-Series)

Cirqus of the Three Moons (Mini Series 1, #46–56)

#46 – Fairewood Ring Master
#47 – Fairewood Escapist
#48 – Fairewood Pirolyn
#49 – Fairewood Acrobat
#50 – Fairewood Anvyl
#51 – Fairewood Urchyn
#52 – Fairewood Radia Juggler
#53 – Fairewood Dyad
#54 – Fairewood Radia Mezmyr
#55 – Fairewood Dagonet
#56 – Fairewood Trickster

#57 - Fairewood Fool Knight (X-Series)
#58 - Dartugan Sea Rogue (X-Series)

Crossroads (Starter Set, #59–64)

#59 – Lylean Sentinel
#60 – Varthan Bolt Caster
#61 – Grynevian Navigator
#62 – Ice Gate Mercenary
#63 – Port Gravis Pathfinder
#64 – Dragathan Artifactor

#65 - Fangrune Guardian (X-Series)
#66 - Neko Minnowlark (Legend Series)

Hidden Tides of Inyx (Mini Series 2, #67–77)

#67 – Inyxian Soup Sage
#68 – Inyxian Dryfin
#69 – Inyxian Sona-Ki Fighter
#70 – Inyxian Herbalist
#71 – Inyxian Torko Trainer
#72 – Inyxian Echonaut
#73 – Inyxian Sea Ranger
#74 – Inyxian Birdtalker
#75 – Inyxian Phase Adept
#76 – Inyxian Sabryn Slayer
#77 – Wandering Sneak

#78 - Inyxian Zenyth (X-Series)
#79 - Phantomwold Timelock (X-Series)

Iconica Exclusives (Phoenix Comicon 2015, #80–82)

#80 – Valneon Shrieve (E)
#81 - Grynevian Arborist (E)
#82 - Karmethian Dragane (E)

#83 - Hiveland Carapid Slayer (X-Series)

#84 - Pharax Maligant (Legend Series)

March of the Legion (Core Series 3, #85–106)

#85 – Sol Luminus Legionare
#86 – Sol Luminus Dreadnaut
#87 – Sol Luminus Paragon
#88 – Sol Luminus Swarmcaller
#89 – Sol Luminus Infiltrator
#90 – Sol Luminus Siege Master
#91 – Sol Luminus White Phage
#92 – Sol Luminus Red Phage
#93 – Sol Luminus Nervapath
#94 – Sol Luminus Shroud
#95 – Sol Luminus Heritor
#96 – Sol Luminus Star Maven
#97 – Sol Luminus Gourmet
#98 – Signus Athid Imperitor
#99 – Signus Drone Guard
#100 – Signus Hive Raider
#101 – Signus Pheromazer
#102 – Signus Dragane
#103 – Lunaen Vastir
#104 – Glimmergor Naturalist
#105 – Wailing Vale Saberist
#106 – Wandering Racala


Iconica Press Mentions


As an independent creative with limited resources, I'm trusting in word-of-mouth recommendations to help our projects grow. Besides, what others say about Iconica is probably more important to you than what we say. So, here's some links you might find interesting.

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