GigaChef Showdown is a cosmic culinary challenge for your kitchen table.



Q4 2018


Tabletop game


In development


After about two years of concept and development time, we're announcing a new project – Hypercosmic GigaChef Showdown!


In GigaChef Showdown, you’ll play as one of several “chefs” participating in a cooking competition. You'll hunt for ingredients, create unique meals, challenge your rivals, and adapt to twists and turns during the game!

The dishes you present each round are scored on three levels: Flavor, Presentation, and Complexity. The ingredients you’ll use come in different varieties: Basic, Exotic, and Hypercosmic. Basic ingredients are commonly found, while Exotics are more uncommon. Hypercosmic ingredients are rare and possess high levels of some kinda weird cosmic energy.

(Mmmmmm, cosmic energy!)


Gigas are giant characters hailing from all over the universe. Every 100 years (or so), they travel to the GigaDome. Here they compete in what can only be described as the greatest culinary showdown in the universe. The winner is then crowned GigaChef Champion!

Rules for entry:

  1. You must be a Giga Level Beast, Mech, Ooze, or Plant to enter.
  2. You must have appendages to handle pots and pans and other kitchen devices with finesse.
  3. You must be able to control (within reason) your desire to stomp, bite, smash, etc.
  4. You must have some sort of super epic ability, such as laser breath, heat resistance, sonic scream, etc.
  5. You must pay all applicable entry fees and GigaDome docking fees without attacking / destroying GigaDome property or its operators.

TERMS: GigaDome Space Stations Incorporated and its operators are not responsible for any loss of property, appendage, or currency due to, but not limited to: stray rockets, acidic pools, radioactive sneezes, space weasels, weasel measles, frost rays, shrink rays, heat rays, etc. Compete at your own risk!


The idea for GigaChef Showdown came to me while I was out for a walk one day and wondered: What would happen if giant beasts and mechs and other beings had a cooking competition at some remote location in space? What would "the kitchen" look like? What would the hazards be? How would the competition be scored? Would every contestant play nice? Probably not!

I have a fondness for all kinds of kaiju and mecha movies – Godzilla, Ultraman, Shogun Warriors, etc. (I just discovered the works of Katsushi Murakami, awesome stuff!) Over the years I've also enjoyed watching cooking shows too, everything from Joy of Cooking and Iron Chef to Master Chef and Master Chef Junior. So, why not bake (:P) these two ideas into one giant frosted cake of indie gaming goodness!!!


The release date for GigaChef Showdown is still to be determined. In the meantime, watch for updates via @ericimagines on Instagram or at In the coming days we’ll profile some of the Gigas and their abilities, as well as share ingredients and some details about the design of the project as well.

Safe travels!

Ages 8+
2-4 Players (2-6 in expansions)
30–90 Min (Varies)