Bugruckus – the biggest little game about bugs you've never heard of.



September 2016


Tabletop game


In development



Bugruckus is the first tabletop game I'm designing using an iPad. All of the illustrations, icons, and process of creating the cards takes place on my tablet. It's an entirely new way to work for me and I'm really pleased with the results so far.

The game has gone through various revisions since early 2017 when some testing took place. Bugruckus started as a matching game but has since had some refinements made which have changed the mechanic to include a bit more depth.

Bugruckus is still being developed, but read on for some backstory which inspires the game.


The Land of Cricketsong


Bugruckus is set within the very buggy land of Cricketsong. It's a region of quaint villages, interesting landscapes, and secrets too. The people who live here are very friendly. Most spend their days cooking, baking, and brewing all sorts of fantastic creations.

Cricketsong sees many visitors each year, most of which arrive by boat from far off lands. They come in search of tasty delicacies and handmade wares. But there's something very special about Cricketsong.

All sorts of different bugs roam the Cricketsong region. Some bugs are bitey, others are shy. Some crawl around, others fly. People travel from miles around to study, collect, and compare the bugs they find. Bug watching is really relaxing. Well, at least until a ruckus breaks out.


Regions of Cricketsong



Beetleton is the largest city in all of Cricketsong. It's a festive place, but a strange place too. You see, the people here really like bugs. They like to collect them, buy them, trade them, carry them, decorate them, and even name them!

But there's something different about these bugs. They have amazing, mysterious, and quirky abilities!

Using bugs as inspiration, a boy named Barnaby Barkbiter created a card game called Bugruckus, which is now big fun in Beetleton. Players collect bugs, match em’, then face off against other bugs in a challenge of speed, toughness, and smarts.


Barkbiter Ranch

These days, Barnaby's all grown up. (Mostly!) He's well known around Beetleton for his love of bugs and lives with his sweetheart Barbi on their 100 acre bug ranch.

Visitors to Barkbiter Ranch tour a gargantuan garden packed with thousands of bugs. Don't try to harm or steal those bugs though! Unless you wanna make Barbi mad. (Don't make her mad.)

Barkbiter Ranch is a great place to visit if you love bugs. It's also filled with fun bug-themed carnival rides, tasty foods of all sorts, and famous drinks, like butterbrick stout. Plan your visit today. And don't forget to sign up for the annual Bugruckus Tournament!


Doom Bug Destruction

While the Barkbiters believe bugs are our friends, Rufus Doom doesn't think so. In fact, if you hate bugs, you'll love this guy. Most times, you'll find him and his sons kicking around their fortified bunker near Lavafly River. 

Rufus is a self-made entrepreneur. His company – Doom Bug Destruction – is the darkest little enterprise in Cricketsong. For a not-so-fair price, a Doom employee will arrive at your home and eradicate every bug you can and cannot see. Hopefully you have no emotional attachments to any of the bugs in your home. Cause they'll be gone. Guaranteed.

Fortunately, most people avoid Rufus. In his spare time Mr. Doom enjoys glaring at people who love bugs, glaring at bugs, and dreaming up new ways to destroy bugs. (He also enjoys bugblood tea, which is not really the blood of bugs. It's just plain tea. But that's what he calls it.)


Bugruckus Swarms


Pink & Green

Bugruckus sets are will be created in swarms. Each swarm has completely different bugs.

There are 80 cards in our first swarm – Pink & Green. Because Bugruckus is about matching bug types to score points, some cards in the set are duplicates. However, while pairs of bugs may be the same, their levels differ, making some bugs more valuable to collect during the game than others.

Here's a list of cards in Bugruckus Pink & Green:

#1 – Flashbulb Spider
#2 – Flashbulb Spider
#3 – Inksipper Beetle
#4 – Inksipper Beetle
#5 – Specked Ohm Beetle
#6 – Specked Ohm Beetle
#7 – Green Leaf Sprite
#8 – Green Leaf Sprite
#9 – Sizzlewig
#10 – Sizzlewig
#11 – Toadstool Rollypog
#12 – Toadstool Rollypog
#13 – Horned Blockpog
#14 – Horned Blockpog
#15 – Spotted Sapclaw Beetle
#16 – Spotted Sapclaw Beetle
#17 – Pink Tipsy Beetle
#18 – Pink Tipsy Beetle
#19 – Fizzlewig
#20 – Fizzlewig
#21 – Honey Runner
#22 – Honey Runner
#23 – Checked Weevil
#24 – Checked Weevil
#25 – Mosswing Mote
#26 – Mosswing Mote
#27 – Radar Mote
#28 – Radar Mote
#29 – Dancing Pill
#30 – Dancing Pill
#31 – Bubblegum Blockpog
#32 – Bubblegum Blockpog
#33 – Unicorn Beetle
#34 – Unicorn Beetle
#35 – Spiked Gullywog
#36 – Spiked Gullywog
#37 – Glassblower Beetle
#38 – Glassblower Beetle
#39 – Marbled Vicejaw Beetle
#40 – Marbled Vicejaw Beetle
#41 – Springleg Sprite
#42 – Springleg Sprite
#43 – Staghorn Thrip
#44 – Staghorn Thrip
#45 – Stoneback Rollypog
#46 – Stoneback Rollypog
#47 – Rockeater Beetle
#48 – Rockeater Beetle
#49 – Lavafly
#50 – Splinter Mite
#51 – Jigsaw Ant
#52 – Jeweled Torchlight Moth
#53 – Diamondback Gigapede (1/6)
#54 – Diamondback Gigapede (2/6)
#55 – Diamondback Gigapede (3/6)
#56 – Diamondback Gigapede (4/6)
#57 – Diamondback Gigapede (5/6)
#58 – Diamondback Gigapede (6/6)
#59 – Barkskin Beetle (1/4)
#60 – Barkskin Beetle (2/4)
#61 – Barkskin Beetle (3/4)
#62 – Barkskin Beetle (4/4)
#63 – Pixie Wasp (1/2)
#64 – Pixie Wasp (2/2)
#65 – Doom Bug Powder
#66 – Doom Bug Bait
#67 – Doom Bug Bomb
#68 – Extra Bug Jars
#69 – Field Glasses
#70 – Sugar Cube
#71 – Bug Rancher's Badge
#72 – Barbi's Beetle Brooch
#73 – Bandit Bird
#74 – Inksipper Bat
#75 – Buzzbucket Flytrap
#76 – Runaway Bugs
#77 – Blustery Weather
#78 – Beetleton Bug Mart
#79 – Bugruckus Training
#80 – Bug Collector's Reward


Orange & Blue

I've had so much fun making this game. In fact, BugruckusOrange & Blue is already in the works! Expect new bugs to collect, along with more ways to score points.

Happy bug collecting!