Something buggy in the works.



September 2016


Tabletop game


In development



Bugruckus is the first tabletop game I'm designing using an iPad. All of the illustrations, icons, and process of creating the cards takes place on my tablet. It's an entirely new way to work for me and I'm really pleased with the results so far.

The game has gone through various revisions since early 2016 when some initial testing took place. Bugruckus started as a matching game but over time has evolved to include a bit more depth.

Read on for some behind the scenes info on development.


The Land of Cricketsong


Bugruckus is set within the very buggy land of Cricketsong. I created this map of the region to start getting a more clear picture of the setting for the game. The goal is to create a rules-light game with a few well chosen layers of complexity. The game needs to scale to additional expansions over time too.

Early 2017 map sketch for Cricketsong.

Early 2017 map sketch for Cricketsong.


Regions of Cricketsong



Beetleton is the largest city in all of Cricketsong, so I know this will be a prominent area to interact with. It’s a place of commerce and lots of fun bug-related festivities.


Barkbiter Ranch

In this game, bugs are the heroes. They’re mysterious little creatures and are very loyal companions to the people who revere them. Barkbiter Ranch is a bug preserve of sorts.


Doom Bug Destruction

Every great story has some conflict. Even if it’s in the form of some bumbling bug exterminators. Doom Bug Destruction is going to play a funny / dangerous role in the game somehow!


Bugruckus will be in development through Q4 2018. With some determination and lots of help from willing playtesters, we’re confident we’ll have a release announcement soon!