Summer schedule for Laughing Dice Club

If you've attended one of our Laughing Dice Club meetups you know that we're a casual, friendly group that's looking for one thing: a good game. And maybe a good coffee or beer too.

We've been meeting at The Newton / Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix, mostly on every third Saturday of the month. However, we've had some recent schedule changes this summer. To add to the confusion, I missed updating the Sunday, July 29th date in time and some folks showed up on Friday, July 27th, our original date scheduled. Bogus!!!

Here's the deal: The Newton / Changing Hands can't always guarantee availability of space to meet our standing goal of every third Saturday. They schedule many other paid events in their space. We do not pay for the space, we're there because we're invited to be there on days when no other event is scheduled. 

So, I'll commit to do better about updating the site when reschedules happen. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. And remember: you can keep up with the Laughing Dice Club schedule here.