Kickstarter Backer Journal – Orbital Primeval

In the summer of 2016, I started using Kickstarter as a way to learn about independently produced projects that I might want to support. I'd heard about Kickstarter for a while but I guess I was just a bit late to the game! So I'm starting a series of Kickstarter Backer Journal posts that highlight projects I've backed, why I backed them, and what I learned from them.

The first project I supported was Nathan Smith's Orbital Primeval playing cards. The project was a standard deck of cards with standard suits illustrated by hand and with an added game variant. Nathan's been a artist/designer friend of mine for years, so when I learned about his Kickstarter project I knew I'd support it.

Orbital Primeval  playing cards by Nathan Smith

Orbital Primeval playing cards by Nathan Smith

Each card in the deck is illustrated with a character from the Orbital Primeval universe, a dimension of impossible characters with quirky abilities, personalities, and backstories. Players can use the cards to play standard card games (Spades, rummy, etc.) or use the iconography on each card to play a game Nathan designed called Cabal. To me, Cabal resembles a trick-taking game, with high cards contributing to winning hands and points at endgame.

I appreciate how all of Nathan's work has a hand drawn aesthetic. It contributes to a garage-made feel, which if you know Nathan, compliments his DIY-tuned values as an artist. His creations are always imaginative and exude an authenticity I really respect. You can see / keep up with Nathan's work here.

So how about you? What was the first Kickstarter project you backed? Did you learn anything from the experience?