Bloggy Things

One of my great fears about blogging is that I'll spend lots of time writing, but it won't really matter in terms of connecting with others. Besides this, questions such as what platform to use or what analytics to worry about overwhelm me. I already tend to overanalyze such things.

So, I'm working on changing my approach. I'm going to commit to writing 2-3 blog posts a week. Here are some topics I'm passionate about.

  1. Design – Game design / general design principles.
  2. Illustration – Drawing, on paper or digitally.
  3. Writing – Storytelling and plot development.
  4. World building – Backdrops for stories, imagery, and characters.
  5. Inspiration – Satisfaction through creativity.
  6. Randomness – Other artists, games, events, travel, etc.

There are lots of things I'm excited about this year and developing this blog into a useful resource is one of them. I hope you'll subscribe!

So hey, what are some other blogs you enjoy reading and why?