The Year 2017

Gavin and I presenting "Making the Game" at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Gavin and I presenting "Making the Game" at Phoenix Comicon 2016

2016 was packed with life events, crazy happenings, and personal projects. I think the highlight for me was presenting a panel discussion about making Iconica to a packed room at Phoenix Comicon with Gavin. He's grown into an articulate young man with great perspectives and enough humility to know he has lots to learn still.

2017 is all about building on all the good energy from last year. We (Gavin and I) hope to announce a brand new game project during Q1 2017. We'll also be attending Phoenix Comicon for our 10th year in May. It's also the 10-year anniversary of launching the World of Rynaga project, so we're looking to do something special for that.

On a career note, I've been focused on learning some new design/UX software such as Sketch, Adobe Draw (on iPad), Adobe XD, and iBooks Author. I'm already using these programs on a professional level to some degree, but gaining more advanced insight into each is important. My favorite's probably Adobe Draw so far. I never thought I'd be able to make the transition to digital drawing, but it's pretty great.

And being able to tap "undo" never hurts.



I'll be using this section of the site to capture small moments in life. An event I attend or participate in. An image from a road trip or some design artifact I found inspiring. A bite-sized bit of fiction, with a sketch or illustration attached.

You get the idea.

As with most projects I embark on, I'll treat this as an experiment and see where it goes. I'll make every effort to post weekly. In between, catch some Instagram updates on my profile: @ericimagines.