We're a group of creatives connected by monthly art and design projects. Each month we create small (or large) pieces of art based on a chosen theme. Then, at the end of each month, we share our progress with the world through whatever means we'd like – personal websites, social media, in person.

Our purpose is progress, not perfection. With each project completed, we grow. We advance our skills and techniques. We learn something about ourselves and others. There are no monthly dues, meetings to drive to, or ancient rituals to complete. We do ask that members are 18 or older to join.

Please note: We're currently out of invisibility cloaks. We do however have secret handshakes, code names, and passwords. While most of our interactions are virtual, on occasion we convene in person at coffee shops, in abandoned caves, or on open desert plains. At night.

If you enjoy things like drawing, painting, and design – join us. Seek us out in person or request to join our order on Facebook. Be well.