Phoenix Comicon 2016 Info

Man. It's here again already! And we're glad it is. Phoenix Comicon 2016 will be our 9th year exhibiting at the con. Should be a good one! Here's a quick list of three things we'll have going on.

"Making the Game" Comicon Panel

Gavin and I will be presenting "Making the Game" for the first time together. It's an interactive presentation about making Iconica, best practices in game design in general, and talking with you guys. Come see!

Phoenix Convention Center
Room 213A
Friday, June 3
1:30pm – 3:00pm

Iconica Series 3 – March of the Legion

Iconica is a tabletop card game we've been creating since 2007. It's a character driven game set within the World of Rynaga and so far, we're up to 106 unique characters. We'll have a brand new Iconica set (March of the Legion) to explore at this year's con. We've worked really hard on this release and we're very excited to share it. I'll post a profile of Iconica Series 3 here soon.

Map of Etherna

I've been working hard on some new cartography. We'll release a new 18 x 24 mapped survey of Etherna, complete with expedition notes, regional factoids, and lots of terrain to get lost in. This will make three separate continents on Rynaga that are visualized now. I'm kinda serious about this world-building thing. Yeah, maybe crazy too.

Follow me on Instagram (@ericimagines) or on my World of Rynaga Facebook page (World of Rynaga) for updates at the con. See ya there.