Iconica Update – Package Art Redesigns

Fig. 1 – New front cover art!

We have an Iconica update for you guys. This one’s about Iconica’s package design. (Contact me here or on Facebook with questions!)

First let me just say:

When I decided to create a tabletop game, I had no idea of the work, time, and energy needed to undertake such an effort. Yet, the rewards have been great. With Iconica, I have portfolio pieces that others can actually interact with as a game! Iconica has led to more work I love doing and brings continued opportunities for me to evolve as a creative.

Iconica is an ongoing project. Sustaining Iconica’s growth means making refinements to elements of its design from time to time. While we’re still focused on investing most of our resources into game content, we felt it was time to update the box art that goes with each Iconica release.

Fig. 2 – The story inspiring each set will be on the reverse side of each front cover.

Here’s what’s new:

Characters First (Fig. 1)

Iconica is a game about characters. Unique individuals that players command during a match. We’ve made the characters the heroes of the cover art. This will also help longtime Iconica players and newcomers to the game make sense of each collection.

More Story (Fig. 2)

Iconica is set within a science-fantasy setting on a planet called Rynaga. There’s a backstory to the game. We’re telling more of that story now. On the reverse side of the front covers, there’s a summary of the thematic story inspiring each individual Iconica release.

Functionality and Clarity (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3 – Back covers are more focused on providing key information about each individual set. (No barcodes!)

We’ve made lots of changes to the back covers of the packaging. We’ve added a character list and some images of the characters inside each set. We’re no longer using barcodes since we distribute online only. Updates have been made to all the descriptive text, which is tailored to each Iconica release.

Gameplay References (Fig. 4)

The reverse side of the back cover still serves as an Iconica Quick Reference card. Overall this information stayed the same. But it looks like a new status effect is coming to the game?

Release Date

Everything we produce is in small batches. So, we're planning a new round of print runs in May 2016. That's when all of the Iconica sets will receive their shiny redesigned covers.

Fig. 4 – The reference card stays pretty much the same, but with something new happening in the Major Status Effect category.

In addition to base Iconica character sets, our Iconica Travels set will have updated cover designs as well. Lots is cooking for new Iconica Travels creations as well. More about that soon.

This is our ninth year making Iconica! Time is flying. We’ve got some big stuff planned in 2016. Packaging updates are just the beginning.