Eric Imagines

Hey Earth folk. I've relaunched as! What does this mean? Here's a few quick details to start the new year. Other updates are coming.

World of Rynaga

World of Rynaga will receive updates on this blog. I also have a page under "Projects" which serves as an overview of the project. There are also some Iconica-related downloads on that page as well. 

Other updates will continue to pop-up on our Rynaga Facebook page and my Instagram profile too. Email with questions.

Written in Dust

Written in Dust is a new project for 2016! I'm really excited about the possibilities for this sci-fi tale set in a future Phoenix. I love the desert, so writing stories set here is only natural. I'll have lots more about this project in January to share. For now, here's a quick rundown of that project.

Thanks for all the support in 2105. (2016: here I come!)