Iconica Travels – Color Design

We're getting closer each day to the release of our first Iconica Travels set! Travels will give players new ways to use their Iconica characters. Iconica Travels decks are packed with story, surprises, and new objectives for winning. Here's an update on the where we're at now.

Print Testing

Our first Iconica Travels deck is set within a region known as the Hivelands. This area is teeming with creatures called carapid, which resemble giant insects. These creatures build great nests and hives in this dense jungle environment. So, we wanted to create a color palette which would capture the essence of the flora and fauna that call this place home.

Part of getting the color palette finalized includes running color tests. The image below is a good representation of where we've landed on the overall color scheme of the cards. There will be differentiating color elements between cards, based on their use. This will appear in the artwork, with specific types of cards using specific color accents such as purple, coral, or yellow.

In the end, we want each deck to be it's own rich experience. While the structure and framework of each Iconica Travels card will remain the same across any decks we make, each release will have its own base colors and accent colors.

 Some sample cards for the printer. If any color seems a bit off, we'll adjust it before the entire run is produced.

Some sample cards for the printer. If any color seems a bit off, we'll adjust it before the entire run is produced.


In games, such as RPGs and other story-based experiences, immersion is a key objective. Iconica Travels is no different. When players feel a sense of place and of being transported to an environment, it's an amazing feeling. It takes us back to when we were kids and everything was larger than life and wondrous.

Color is just one ingredient in the immersion recipe. Many games use color strictly as a coding language, i.e. – red means attack, blue means heal, green means something else. This is a tried and true approach. However, color design can also be used to set a tone thematically for a series of ongoing releases. That's the approach we're taking with Iconica Travels.

The next update we'll share is the one I'm most excited about – artwork!