Specimen Design


I want to take a few minutes to share a bit about our company: Specimen. This is all in the spirit of transparency and letting you guys know a little more about who you're supporting with World of Rynaga creations!

Specimen Design (LLC) was founded in 2007 by my wife and I. The company was primarily formed so that I could work as a consultant designer and commissioned illustrator, either on my own or on the side while maintaining a day job. Roles are simple. I get the design/illustration stuff done. Larissa keeps me on task and focuses on the important business/logistic stuff.

We also formed Specimen so that we could publish written stories and game experiences. I'd been working since 2000 on lots of ideas I knew I wanted to see accomplished, it was only a question of when and in what capacity. Forming our company allowed me to function not only as a designer, but as a small press publisher.

A lot has changed in the past eight years. Specimen still consists of myself and Larissa, but now our son Gavin has expressed interest in playing a greater role in our little enterprise. At seventeen he's completed high school and currently wants to become a software designer/engineer. He's also passionate about learning hand crafts like screen printing, which he'll be learning while we decide what schooling he'll undertake next.

As an enterprise, our main values have never changed: stay small, do big things. As part of the creative community here in Phoenix, we're tiny. Micro really. But what makes us unique is our approach to taking on and completing big projects. World building, creating social experiences for the table top, expanding our world view of Earth and its cultures. All of these things contribute to the sense of exploration and layered story elements we infuse into everything we do.

In the end, we're in business to stay in business. That means being smart about spending, sustainability, and overhead. Our goals for 2015 include expanding the Iconica experience for World of Rynaga, launching a new project called Pictoboy, and adding new capabilities to our business.

We've got lots of fun work ahead of us.