Writing for Rynaga

When I was about 12 years old, I wrote a short story about people who lived on another world for a project in school and I was hooked. Since then, I've enjoyed everything about writing. The imaginative work, the character conceptualization, the research, the grammar editing. Everything.

Now I write, illustrate, and small press publish my own work. Here are three ideas I try to keep in mind when writing content for Rynaga and other creative projects.

Remaining Discoverable

Being discoverable is about creating the unknown. It's about content that's made for folks who want to wander the forest, not stay on the easily followed trails. In the deep forest, there are no spam messages, no buy-now ads, no cheaply thrown together commodities. Deep in the forest is where the magic of discovery happens. It's where the explorer gets lost in possibilities, learns about things that change his/her world, or is inspired to explore further.

Pursuing Progress

There are plenty of folks pursuing perfection. But how many things do you know of that are perfect? Practice makes better. Better = Progress. I carry a notebook and pencil around. All day I'm alert to opportunities to write, sketch, or doodle notes on ideas I have. Creativity can be elusive. It's not something we can just turn on and off. Capturing ideas while we can is key to keeping momentum on projects going while living day-to-day life. I've noticed when I focus more energy on making progress rather than being perfect, I get more done.

Having Adventures

Surrounding myself with friends who love to get out and have adventures inspires what I do. It's hard to write adventure tales if we never have any of our own! But beyond this, having adventures is about allowing ourselves to explore being a kid, even if we're adult-sized "kids". I try to avoid spending too much time with folks who are negative, overly serious, and excessively critical. Time spent adventuring might include gaming with friends, hiking trails outdoors, using our imaginations. Things like these hold the prospect of inspiration, laughter, and discovery.