I create otherworldly fictions, games, and artifacts here in the Arizona desert.


As a kid, drawing, reading, and writing were my entertainment. Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Phoenix gave me this sense of progression, but at the same time it was a constant reminder of how much there was to see in the world.

All of those Stranger Things 80's vibes, I'm so thankful I actually lived em'. Nights at the arcade playing Galaga. Seeing ET for the first time. Watching MTV. I'm still holding on to everything that made being a kid awesome.


I always knew I'd have to grow up, but I refuse to grow up all the way.


I’m still learning to share my process and my story these days. It's an ongoing effort. Here’s a rundown of my areas of creative focus:

Illustration – I work in various styles – hand drawn, vectorized, and a hybrid of the two. My sensibilities are geometric and I’m always aiming for classic rather than trendy.

Design – Primarily I focus on game design, publication design, and identity design. Design in general is my day job, so I read a lot, attend local events, and stay involved with our local AIGA chapter.

Fiction – I've been passionate about writing for a long time. I lean towards writing poetry, short stories, and narratives. All of the personal projects I create are grounded in storytelling.

Printmaking – I've only just begun to develop this skill. I'm in the early stages of cultivating a body of work in this area. I try to approach developing a new skill as an experiment. When I don't worry about being correct, and just focus on learning, there's no pressure!


Attitude determines opportunity.


I didn’t attend the best design college or come from a place of privilege. But I do have a customer service background. I worked a lot of other jobs before becoming a designer – pest control tech, house cleaning guy, customer service representative at a call center. I use that part of my background to keep my perspective in check.

One of my mentors once told me:

The customer is not always right, but they always come first.

That’s the way I strive to treat my clients and customers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from some really great people over the years:


Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
Harkins Theaters

Phoenix Comicon
Phoenix Suns

W.L. Gore & Associates

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So far, we're alone in the universe. You and I are something special.


I’m inspired by the world around us. Summer monsoon storms. Insects doing their thing. A hummingbird sitting on a tree. It’s one thing to work in a creative profession and another to use our personal sense of imagination to create things only we can make.

But we can do it. We’re human. And that's pretty amazing.