Next Steps for Rynagapedia

In our previous version of, Rynagapedia was a thing. It was this data base featuring information on the creatures, peoples, and places of Rynaga. After deciding our website needed to be more manageable and usable across lots of different platforms to achieve some of our future goals, we moved the site to Square Space. So far, we've been really happy with that decision. But there's lots we want to do on our site to build content.

This is where Rynagapedia comes in. Over the past few months we've received a few calls for Rynagapedia's return. We do have plans to relaunch it again, but in a new way. First some quick background on this project.

Rynagapedia started as resource for me, as the storyteller and world-builder for Rynaga. It helped me keep track of bits of lore, keep storylines connected, and it established a framework to form other stories and characters from. But something unexpected happened. RPG gamers started using Rynagapedia to create their own RPG experiences, with their own rulesets and such. Not only is this rad, we want this to continue to be an option for people.

So, here's what we're thinking – a PDF download. Yes, we'd like an online resource ultimately, but I think we'd need to build an expandable database for it. I don't have the time for that yet. However, a downloadable PDF could be updated periodically, be viewable on lots of devices, and be setup for print too. Seriously, this could eventually lead to a Rynaga RPG book of some sort.

Anyway, that's the plan. We don't have a release date quite yet. But you'll be the first to know. 

Safe travels!