Two things:


Anyone who knows me will tell you I love: the Arizona desert, playing games, long road trips, laughing with friends, and living a simple but creative lifestyle with my family.

While I have years of design experience, a multi-disciplined skill set, and an always-learning mindset, what makes me different is the way I approach the business of creativity.

Being the kind of person customers can rely on and making sure they shine is really important to me. Collaborating with professionals of all sorts is something I embrace. Engineers, mathematicians, educators, business leaders, developers – many can inform a great design process.

In the end, my career purpose is caring for my family while doing the most good for my profession and clients alike.


I'm intrigued and excited by projects rooted in stories, primarily fiction. The personal projects I author are never only about art or design. I write. A lot.

When I begin a project, I start from one of two angles: a sketch or a note. Either can lead to the makings of a story, either a short story or something deeper.

I use writing and sketching to develop ideas into projects I can share with others. Learning to write well is a life-long goal of mine, so I strive to make it part of my creative process every time. It's led to some great opportunities and who knows what the future holds.

With personal projects, I give myself the freedom to experiment and explore – without the fear of making some mistakes along the way.